ATOP 3/8 .058" Racing Chain

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ATOP Racing Cut background and history

The Swedish forest industry developed rapidly from the early 1960”s and onward. Logging by chainsaws turned into a new era of time where low weight and high quality material used in all equipment took a great step forward. Focus on developing high speed saw chains were challenges of that time. Ending up with top quality saw chains that we today can benefit from.

– Those details of knowledge is today built into our ATOP Racing Cut saw chains, says Göran Carlström President of the company.

A journey of knowing thousands of details to success begins with understanding the customers demands and what great cutting performance can produce for pleasant work.

”Basically we operate in same way as motor sport industry does. Where ultimate details within speed race cutting competition are used, and feed into new innovative and useful consumer products”. The company was founded by Göran Carlström after years of input from the global forest industry.

In Japan he receiving inspiration and passion from the Japanese people and forest industry. Our major value driver is to support loggers to have a more pleasant daily work where smooth cutting and easy handling is a major factor for good result and safe work.


3/8" .058 1.5mm Chain is a direct replacement for Husqvarna saws running standard bars

sizes available are stock sizes offered by Husqvarna for there saws running .058" (1.5mm)

Chains 28" Upwards are made to order along with custom chains if required.

If there is a specific chain length you are looking for please get in contact.