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Stihl® Billet Clutch Cover By Westcoast Saw

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Westcoast Saw™ covers provides superior strength, durability, and functionality over the stock cover. 

  • Made of 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Stronger than factory cover
  • Larger for better chip management
  • Extra large and longer lasting polyurethane chip deflector 
  • Wider for ease of walking chain back on without removing cover 
  • Field tested to ensure quality
  • Bigger in size than the stock cover makes it slightly heavier 
  • Includes bar nuts (on standard nut covers) and chain sliders
  • Made in the USA


Clutch Covers cannot be retrofitted from standard bar nuts to captive, and vice versa. They are uniquely manufactured.

All Clutch Covers fit the 3, 4 & 5 point felling dogs with the follow exception.

  • Part 100-1003 (when used on an 046/460/036/034) - Only fits 3-point dogs Westcoast saw only
  • Part 100-1004 (261/msa300/362/400) - Only fits 3-point dogs Westcoast saw only
  • Part 100-1008 (Husky model) - Only fits 3-point dogs by Westcoast saw only

Our 261/msa300/362/400 Clutch Cover fits the full wrap 362 (R model) with Stihl part number 1140 021 1105. 

Older 261 models may need Stihl part number 1141 021 1130 to fit.

If you plan to run a 404 chain, you may need to shave 0.015 (inch) off the chain slider to allow for the additional width.

MS660/440 Clutch cover also fits the following models 660/650/066/064/046/460/461/440/044/046/036/034


Felling dog bolts need to be installed from the inside of the cover, facing out so that the nut is on the outside of the felling dog. After this, put the cover flat on a table and make sure that you pound the chain sliders down until it stops against the cover - as far as it will go. The clearances are super tight so we get maximum wear out of our chain sliders. Once they are down tight your chain will spin freely. 

Check Out How to install chain adjuster for the new Husqvarna Clutch Cover From the man himself, Gordy Westcoast Saw HERE


Stihl® is a registered trademark of Stihl® Incorporated and is used only to describe their products.

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Stihl® is a registered trademark of Stihl® Incorporated and is used only to describe their products.