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Bolt kits for replacing old hardware or for spike sets that need hardware.

please double check saw model as 880 series saw from stihl do require the larger M6 Bolts and nuts.

M5 Bolt kit for saws 261 upwards to 661 will include the following

1x M5x12mm Bolt (top inner spike)

1x M5 Nut (top Inner Spike)

1x M5x20mm Bolt (bottom Inner Spike)

2x M5x12mm Hex Bolt (Clutch Cover Outer Spike)

2x M5 Nut (Clutch Cover Outer Spike)


M6 Bolt Kit for MS880/881/088/084 Includes the following

2x M6x18mm Bolt (Top & Bottom inner spike)

2x M6x16mm Hex Bolt (Clutch cover outer spike)

3x M6 Nut (Top Inner spike, Top & bottom outer spike)



Bolt kit for 562xp includes

bolts 575-79-35-01 & nuts 503-22-24-01